A New Year’s Resolution to Lawn Care

A new year’s resolution is something that is made at the beginning of the year and then acts as a guideline for the year to come. These resolutions come and go, but our question is, have you established your new year’s resolution?  Most of us set resolutions for personal care, such as joining an exercise program, eating cleaner, or even saving money (especially after the pricey holiday season). All of these are amazing ways you can improve your year and personal health, but you can also apply these goals to your landscape or property as well. The spring and summer are great times in the year to start fresh with plant growth and plant health care programs and even improve water conservation measures for your property.  Here are a few ideas to help get the process started on maintaining a beautiful and efficient landscape:

  • Many shrubs and groundcovers benefit from renovation pruning before spring warm-up. Hard cutbacks of oleander, Texas sage, and lantana are important not only for size management but also to help eliminate woody growth from past seasons.
  • As water rates continue to increase, an irrigation audit may be helpful to make sure you are watering plants effectively. 
  • Upgrading your irrigation system to operate on a smart controller, which uses local weather data to water plants appropriately, can be a great way to reduce water wastage.
  • Schedule annual tree pruning with your tree care professional to assure ideal pruning periods for tree species on your property.
  • Take an inventory of plant replacements that are needed and discuss the ideal replanting time with your landscape contractor.
  • Have you ever had pests or extensive weed issues on your site?  Discuss preventative treatment options with your landscape contractor or pest management professional to develop an action plan for management.
  • If your turfgrass is being taken over by undesirable weed growth, discuss creating a customized fertility program with your landscaping professional. Healthy turf will often out-compete weeds that germinate, helping to keep your lawn green and luscious.
  • Don’t forget to replenish bare or sparse areas of decomposed granite.  Maintaining 2” of dg helps reduce evaporation from the soil, reduces erosion, and suppresses weed germination. It also provides a ‘finished’ background for plants in the landscape.

Having a New Years’s goal towards your landscape and property is a fantastic way to show your dedication to having a healthy yard, though, these goals might be challenging to accomplish on your own. Over here at Lawn Care IQ, we can help you accomplish those goals with 100% satisfaction guaranteed cost-effectively. Submit your Free Quote HERE today!

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