A Professional Sprinkler Guide -Tips and Tricks on Sprinkler Maintenance

A Professional Sprinkler Guide -Tips and Tricks on Sprinkler Maintenance

A beautiful green lawn is something every homeowner wants. In order to obtain such a lawn, your grass needs to be watered frequently and effectively. Each individual sprinkler eventually has problems, which causes your grass to become dehydrated and unhealthy. Monitoring and adjusting your sprinklers as issues arise will save money on your water bill and ensure that your grass is being sufficiently watered. This guide will provide professional tips and tricks on sprinkler maintenance.

Leaky Sprinklers

Over time, sprinkler heads begin to degrade and cause poor distribution of water around your lawn. If the gasket on the sprinkler head degrades, your sprinkler will start to leak. When replacing any parts of your sprinkler, it’s important to observe how it was originally assembled before taking it apart and replacing individual pieces.


After long months of use, sprinklers tend to slant and become less effective. They may not water the grass as efficiently or reach as far as they used to. As you notice that your sprinklers aren’t doing their job as well, general adjustments will help reach the spots they are supposed to reach.

Sprinkler Damage

Sprinkler damage is inevitable. Over time, sprinklers and sprinkler systems begin to degrade and perform deficiently. Make sure to look for signs of damage to prevent possible future issues. Taking care of sprinkler problems sooner rather than later will:

  • Lower your possible water bill
  • Save excess water used on your lawn
  • Make sure your grass is getting enough water
  • Reduce the likelihood of possible problems with that sprinkler head


Winterizing your lawn is a very important process that needs to be done soon after the first frost of the year. During the winter, the top layers of your grass stops growing and die. It makes sense that dead grass doesn’t need water, right? As the cold starts to creep in on your lawn, the water in your pipes will freeze and turn into ice. They are at risk of serious damage and potentially exploding. Here are some steps on how to prevent this:

  1. Shutting off your water

Shutting off your water won’t allow any more water inside of your pipes, marking off the first step of winterizing.

  1. Emptying out the pipes and blowing out the water

Emptying water out of the pipes will get rid of the possibility of damage from leaving water inside of your pipes to freeze and corrode your sprinkler system.

  1. Getting professional winter grass treatment

Getting a good winter treatment will provide good nutrients to your grassroots, encouraging better grass quality in the following year.

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  • Levi Armstrong
    December 11, 2020 @ 9:27 am

    I find it helpful to know that I should take care of any sprinkler problems as soon as possible, or else it would increase our water bill and make our lawn too dry or overwatered. Our sprinkler system has clogged heads, but I have been delaying calling a professional to fix it. But because of what you said, I’ll start looking for a reputable sprinkler repair service to fix it. Thanks!

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