Benefits of Spring Aeration

If your soil is heavily compacted and starts to drown out the turf from necessary water and nutrients, Aeration will help your lawn open up and flourish. You might be asking yourself, “Why and how is aeration beneficial for my lawn?” Over time, with constant mowing and lawn services, lawns build up a layer of dead grass clippings and other debris called Thatch. Thatch acts as a barrier that blocks off nutrients and water from reaching the roots of the lawn. This barrier, over time, starts to build up thicker and thicker until your grass is unable to maintain a constant green all spring and summer long, or it simply just dies.

Thatch and Soil Compaction

 There are many ways of getting rid of the thatch layer including Thatch Raking and of course Aeration. Both of these options allow the nutrients that your turf needs to flourish to reach the roots of your grass. There is another factor that can heavily affect the health and potential of your lawn. This factor is called Soil Compaction. The meaning of Soil compaction is right in the name. It is how compact the soil is around the roots of your turf. Thatch Raking will get rid of the majority of the thatch on the top layer of your soil, but it won’t affect how compact your soil will be at the end of the day. Aeration, however, could possibly solve this problem entirely. Though it is recommended that you rake the thatch off of the top of the soil to allow more effective aeration of the lawn, though, that is not necessary to receive the majority of the benefits. Raking the thatch beforehand will only amplify the benefits and effectiveness of the service.

How does Aeration work?

The way Aeration works is through the puncturing of the soil and the creation of holes straight to the roots of the grass. After these holes have been created and the thatch has been removed (Optional), water and other nutrients are more easily absorbed by the grass. This also allows air to more penetrate the soil and reach the roots. Thatch and soil compaction can possibly suffocate the turf, killing the grass entirely, but through aeration, you can avoid that problem. It is also highly recommended that you fertilize your lawn straight after aeration. Lawn Fertilizer is more effective when there are pathways straight to the core of your grass. Here are all of the benefits of Spring Aeration:

  • Your lawn will have a larger potential to be stronger and more luscious.
  • Your lawn will have easier access to nutrients and water.
  • Your lawn will be able to thrive more easily and avoid suffocation
  • Your lawn, if fertilized after aeration, will absorb the fertilizer more easily and provide an even larger potential for the future.
  • Your lawn will more easily thrive with other treatments

Lawn aeration isn’t for every lawn, but for the ones that it is, aeration will benefit the turfgrass. Over here at Lawn Care IQ, we offer Spring and Early Summer aeration Cost-Effectively and with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Get your FREE Quote today!!

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