Lawn Mowing – Tips to Give Your Lawn a New Look

Lawn Mowing – Tips to Give Your Lawn a New Look

Want to make your lawn look aesthetically pleasing? If yes, then you should ensure the right mowing techniques. Keep reading this guide to know more.

Lawn mowing is one of the most necessary things that contribute to the overall look and beauty.
It’s surprising how all you are doing is merely cutting out the grass, but in fact, you are determining whether or not the lawn will look aesthetically pleasing.
To avoid the common mistakes that people make with lawn mowing, here are some landscaping and lawn care tips that you should know.

No Lawn Scalping:

It is best always to avoid the cutting of grass too short. It does not look as pleasing as it should when you are aiming for the best mowing practices.

Moreover, a lawn that is scalped is vulnerable to diseases as well as weed infestation. Also, the scalped turf tends to be weak and sparse; this can expose the soil.
Also, it contributes a lot to the growth of weeds (unnecessary plants growing in the lawn); the roots of that lawn are mostly exposed directly to sunlight, so dry property is all you get, and that is why it is best to avoid cutting your grass too short.

Keep The Mower Blade Sharp:

It is necessary to adjust the height of the mower according to the season for efficient lawn care.
In summers, it is best to keep the mower’s height more so that the cutting deck is higher and the grass is cut longer. This ensures shade and protection from sun exposure.

In late autumns, keeping the deck a little lower and cutting grass a bit shorter can prevent snow mold formation on the grass.

Do Not Mow Wet Lawn
Ideally, it is always best to mow the grass when it is dry. Moving a wet lawn does not give the best or the ideal results; in fact, the results are a little compromised.
Wet grass is known to clog a mower’s deck. It also tends to fall over and be clumped together while you mow. This creates an uneven cut.

Get The Best Lawn Mowing Services

If you do not have time to mow their lawn in the best way possible, it is entirely okay!
You can always take professional help from a lawn mowing company in your area.

Lawn Care IQ is a professional lawn care company that provides lawn mowing services at efficient rates.
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  • Rachel Frampton
    January 18, 2021 @ 6:01 am

    My dad would like to have his garden mowed because its grass is already too tall, which is why he has decided to start looking for a professional service that may address the matter. Well, we share the same opinion that the grass should be mowed when it’s dry. Thank you for also elaborating here that wet grass may clog the equipment.

  • Alice Carroll
    February 15, 2021 @ 5:20 am

    Thanks for the tip that I should not do any mowing when the grass is wet. I’m thinking about hiring a lawn mowing service soon because I haven’t been able to keep up with the maintenance of my lawn these past two months. Since it still sometimes rains in my area, I should probably wait for spring in before hiring contractors for the job.

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