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Seasonal Lighting & Décor:

Outside Christmas lighting offers the perfect opportunity for inexpensive decorations and endless possibilities. Whether you want to create an over the top winter wonderland or a tranquil spot of holiday cheer.

Water Management:

CLIAs quantify and analyze landscape irrigation water use. CLIAs, collect site data, make maintenance recommendations and perform minor repairs, perform field measurements and observations, determine irrigation uniformity and efficiency, develop a basic irrigation schedule, work with a water manager or property owner to manage overall irrigation water use.

Snow Removal / Ice Management:

Snow removal customers rest easy knowing that their business parking lots, sidewalks, doorways, and common areas will be cleared each and every morning.

Porter Service:

Day Porter services consist of a staff of one or more that function as a daytime cleaning service. Day Porters can provide vital services that keep your on-Landscape maintenance, office cleaning, common area bathrooms, pool areas (patios, furniture, and BBQs) gyms, clubhouses, and more.

Parking Lot Sweeping:

In addition to removing unsightly debris, a routine parking lot sweeping service removes abrasive dirt, sand, and other grit known to shorten the life of your parking area pavement, striping, and seal coating. The typical cost of repaving or repairing a parking lot often exceeds the cost of regularly scheduled parking lot cleaning.


Creating defensible space around your home is one of the most important and effective steps you can take to protect you, your family, and your home from catastrophic wildfire. Defensible space is the area between a structure and an oncoming wildfire (or between a burning structure and wildland vegetation) where nearby vegetation has been modified to reduce a wildfire’s intensity and ability to spread.

NOAS and 404 Wash Mitigation:

NAOS & 404 wash maintenance is limited to the removal of man-made debris, wash obstructions, invasive plants including desert broom, parasitic plant growth only as it relates to the health of the host plant, and the creation of defensible space as recommended by the Fire Department. Dead plants, such as saguaros that have fallen over, serve as animal habitats and are to be left in place unless it is determined that they pose a health and safety concern.


Mulching is a layer of insulation between the soil surface and the atmosphere. Mulches can reduce evaporation, erosion, and compaction; moderate soil temperatures; increase water penetration; protect roots from mechanical injury, and reduce weed growth. Mulches can be used to cover large areas, reducing the need for vegetation. There are three types of mulches wood chips, Strow, and Pine needles.

Service Features

There are many features and benefits to hiring a professional under Lawncare IQ, such as:

  • 100% Satisfaction Gurantee
  • 24 hour Call Center that can give tips and answer questions about care.


It is important to frequently monitor your lawn with the potential of problems occurring.

Make sure your Lawn is getting all the care that it needs. You will need sprinklers to reach every inch of grass and constantly take care of problems as they pop up.

You need to make sure that your lawn is getting the care that It needs with the utmost quality. Get your FREE Quote today!