The Ultimate Guide to Lawn Care and Fertilization

The Ultimate Guide to Lawn Care and Fertilization

A well-maintained lawn looks beautiful to the eye and has positive, refreshing effects on health. Greenery gives off good vibes for sure! What can be better than having a green retreat of your own where you can sit back and have a peaceful time with your dear ones? Nothing, really! However, maintaining a lush lawn demands a fair amount of work, time, and, most of all, commitment.  Also, you need to know about the grass types, fertilizers, basics of lawn seeding and lawn reseeding, and more.

Are you worried that organic lawn care is time-consuming and a bit tricky too?

Well, a few lawn care hacks can make it work! And the most effective of them are enlisted below! 

So, read on to find out about grass types and how you can maintain your lawn without having to invest too much time and energy. 

Types of Grass:

What differentiates a lawn from a simple outdoor plantation is the grass. Therefore, it’s essential to pick the right grass for your lawn for seeding and reseeding, depending on the climatic conditions. 

Knowing the types of grass is the first step in proper lawn care.

Generally, there’re two types of grasses:

Cool-Season Grass:

It’s ideal for colder climates and shows active growth in 40-42℉ temperature.

Warm-season Grass: 

It’s ideal for the hottest summer temperatures and shows active growth at 60-65℉ temperature.

Your choice of a perfect grass type can go waste if you don’t seed it properly—timing and proportion matter. Over-seeding can have adverse effects on soil fertility and grass growth.

Onto some great lawn care hacks, now!

Taking Care of your Lawn:

Taking good care of your lawn is not very hard, but it demands attention and time. Whenever we consider lawn care, fertilization should be our top priority. 

Lawn fertilization: 

To up the nutritional need of your lawn, you need to fertilize it properly. You can:

• Opt for the fertilizers having high nitrogen or low phosphorus and potassium levels.

• Fertilizer’s packing material showcases the percentage of basic fertilizers. Learn to read the numbers. In general, a 20-5-10 percentage of fertilizer is an efficient mix.

• Using a slow-release fertilizer works wonders for the soil. It assures the availability of fertilizers in the soil for a longer period. 

• Choose granular fertilizers and make sure an even distribution throughout the lawn.

• Use soil thermometer or weather indications to find the best temperature for fertilization. 

Some other essential care tips to get a luxurious lawn are;  

Proper Lawn Aeration:

It means digging holes in the soil to aerate or breathe properly to grow to its full potential. 

Watering the grass:

Search appropriately for the type of your grass and water it according to the recommendations because an excess of everything is bad.


Proper mowing will change the overall look of your lawn. Just err on the longer sides of the grass and mown to perfection.

Kill the weeds:

Weeds become an eyesore shortly, and the worst happens when they spread quickly. Kill weeds from your garden as they spoil the beauty of it.

A Pro-Tip for ultimate Lawn Care:

Whether it about lawn seeding or watering or mowing and weed control, don’t overdo it! It will deteriorate the soil quality and affect your lawn’s aesthetics as well. Even when doing lawn reseeding, avoid lawn overseeding so you can enjoy a full of life lawn.

Happy gardening!

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